Incorporate Professional Hyperlinks
Incorporating hyperlinks such as LinkedIn and other professional social media links helps you stand out and it also helps recruiters rapidly match your skills to the position they are looking to fill. 

Keywords Make a Difference
Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes per position.  If you are applying for an Accounting Analyst position listing keywords such as fixed assets, general ledger, accruals, budgets, journal entries, etc. can help database technology pickup on keywords listed within your resume and increase your chance of landing an interview.

Delete the Objective!
Begin your resume describing your key skills, certifications, accomplishments and what you can offer an employer. Too often, jobseekers waist valuable time and space listing information irrelevant to the position; focusing on selling yourself in the beginning is critical to moving your resume to the next phase. 

Refrain from Lengthy Resumes
Get to the point! Sometimes less is more. Don’t be afraid if your resume does not fill the page with employers.  If your work experience consists of one or two employers, it often indicates “Loyalty, Stability and Commitment”. So take advantage and sell what you have accomplished.

Use Bold Text
List Jobs Titles, Accomplishments, Education, Certifications or anything else relevant to the experience and skills the recruiters are looking for.

Try Space-Savers
Leave out irrelevant experience;  Do not use repetitive verbiage; Cut “references available upon request”; Get rid of your objective; Adjust your spacing; Put your contact information on one line; Use smaller font; Use bullet points for a cleaner look; Only mention self-explanatory awards; Change your margarines.

Schedule an Appointment
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